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Integrated Monitoring System

Building and Below-Grade Construction, Civil Engineering, Mining (the english video coming soon...)

  • 3D Modeling and BIM Analysis
  • Live Viewing
    direct data link to mobile devices
  • Documentation
    Quality Assurance
  • Flight Control
    Public Safty
  • Comparison
    of Annual 3D Mesh
  • Combine
  • Optimize
    Project Management
    Work Preparation
  • Machine Operation
    and Control


Viscan Solutions Construction-Monitoring-System (constructionMS®) is an interdisciplinary data processing system, which provides information management, surveillance, safety management, and cost center / accounting features. It is designed to integrate all measured data sets, regardless of the data capture technology. The individual data sets can be displayed and visualized with constructionMS®. Individual operations and data analyses are recorded. More…

Ongoing Monitoring

Ongoing Monitoring is one of the most advanced and fastest data monitoring and processing systems.

Our advanced data capturing / monitoring systems allow us to perform on-site measurements and data analyses in a 1 to 6 hours timeframe.

We offer live data visualization as a second step. Regardless of whether you need to display and analyze your data sets at a meeting or directly on site, our full-HD and thermographic data transfers give you the advantage you need for your project.

Surface and Layer Analyses

Details >

Thermography for Quality Assurance

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