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Building Construction

Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry for Documentation

Reconstruction of Objects and On-Site Measurements

Reconstruction based on imagery analysis using laser scanning and arial photogrammetry is applicable in a variety of building projects. It is useful for documentation of the state and condition, planning, as well as for “Building Information Modeling” (BIM), a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility. Individual structures, or entire streets and cities can be digitalized with precision and in a short amount of time.

Direct interfacing of commonly used CAD applications (e.g. Autocad Architecture, Recap, or Revit) allow fast and easy modeling of buildings and engineered structures in a point cloud. 

3D Laser Scanning

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Flexible Data Utilization

  • Documentation of status and condition for basic planning activities
  • Optimal mapping of damages in orthogonal images
  • Deformation-capturing, revitalized imagery analysis for landmark buildings
  • Deriving and assessing the structural design
  • Profiling of the cross-sections for fire code certification 

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