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Concrete Repair

Measurement, Quantity and Cost Analyses, Safety Assessment

Assessment and Preliminary Planning
On-site measurement for fast and effective execution planning
  • Precise measurements for construction components
  • Investigation of slopes and inclines
  • Planning for building expansion
  • Determination of excess quantities (for removal)
  • Evaluation and assessment of structural engineering (support structures) 


The determination of max. or min. depths is fast and easy when using an areal point cloud model.

A fair cost analysis and reimbursement process is the basis for a successful collaboration.

Better planning of your repair work can be undertaken based on our benchmark models.

Main Applications

Parking Structures

Water Tanks

Concrete Structures

Engineering Structures

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Layer Thickness and Strength

The determination of areal layer thickness and strength is advantageous for builders and contractors

  • Determination of precise material depth across millions of data points
  • Examination of layer strength and concrete cover across an entire area
  • Determination of exact costs based on actual expenses and efforts
  • Simplified, clear display and representation

The surface structure of the point cloud produced by our on-site laser scanning measurements is executed in an areal fashion.

Point grid: 1-10 mm

Point-to-point comparison

Point-by-point measurability

Area-covering analysis

Distinguishable deep structure

Capture of profile render points

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