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Civil Engineering

Competent Drone Surveying and Monitoring

Planning of Transport and Infrastructure Construction Projects

Our drone surveying and fast data capturing technology allows us to make important contributions to the planning phases for site projects. Project development depends on information and many other factors. The application of various imaging technologies increases the effectiveness of project planning enormously and hence the value of informational content. Our on-site measurements / monitoring can be used to prepare detailed, exact, and comprehensive specifications: cross sections, gradients, cross slopes, tilts and many more parameters can be computed. These parameters are important for creating pavement design plans, machine operation protocols etc.

Advantages for the Planning Phase

  • 2D and 3D data sets
  • Georeferenced data sets
  • Detailed areas have a higher resolution
  • Models are optimized and smoothened
  • Direct measurement, construction and drawing / charting within the model
  • Work with complete data sets
  • Integrated and connected workflow with identical data sets

Groundwork, Earthwork and Below-Grade Construction

Using drone surveying for ground- or earthwork offers various applications. We process the survey data into 3D point cloud models with a resolution of 0.5-3.5 cm. Images are then used to visualize and portray the landscapes, equipment and construction materials. Various processing formats are available (point clouds, 3D Mesh, orthoimages, grit DSM, Google-Earth animations, and more). They are the starting point for more data processing options and analyses. The information can be used to virtually construct and derive customer-tailored specs and parameters in REB file format (e.g. axes, pivot points, cross sections, longitudinal sections, elevation contour lines, quantities and stockpiles). 

Advantages of Drone Surveying


  • Applicable for short-notice work on site
  • Short intermissions
  • Areal data collection
  • Variable resolution and precision
  • Quick calculations and quantifications
  • Plan and reference comparisons
  • Data visualization (REB)
  • Formats for all current CAD applications

Road Construction Projects

The development, expansion and maintenance of transportation routes is gaining momentum. Reduced construction periods combined with increased quality standards is only one of the challenges project managers face. The initial project planning phases of any road construction or redevelopment benefits tremendously from drone-driven on-site measurements, surveying, effective data visualization and processing. Construction-Monitoring-Systems (constructionMS®) can contribute to the efficient maintenance of our road networks.

We maintain all related site documentation and accompanying data sets captured by drone- and laser scanning technology. Progress is monitored every step of the way, regardless of whether your site is a new development, groundwork, canal, pipe, or other below-grade construction project.

Our services include the documentation of data sets, reporting, cost analysis, invoicing, and quality assurance.

Advantages for Road Construction

  • Fast and comprehensive on-site measurements
  • Easy workflow with visual image models
  • Quick calculations and quantitifications
  • Documentation and quality assurance using area-covering layer models
  • Precision (2-3 mm range, XYZ)
  • Georeferenced data sets
  • Simplified preparations
  • Optimization of the workflow

Quality and Controlling

The quality standards are high. Hence, all our flight data are stored and documented in a so-called “BlackBox”. This allows us to keep track of individual on-site measurements, parameters, and calculations.

Our quality reports archive comprehensive information and the individual specifics of every measurement. The camera data and calibrations, the georeferencing of individual images or the ground-control-point accuracy are displayed.

Modelling and Analyses

The data analysis and visualization of precise results is based on the corresponding definition and selection of measured data points. Our graphic models allow the fast and efficient determination of various parameters. The data selected can be exported to any current CAD program. The referenced digitale landscape models in combination with the corresponding boundary and contour lines allow for easy and exact determination of areas and quantities (stockpiles).

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